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Techno Club Syllabus

Techno Club should be formed in all the Government and Govt. Aided Middle Schools and schools with Upper Primary Sections. 

Techno Club should be formed with a student representative from Class VIII as the President of the Club along with four other students from Classes VI to VIII headed by a teacher who will facilitate and monitor the activities of the club.

competitions should be conducted for Class VIII students on
“Integration and usage of technology.”

o I Prize = Rs. 500/-
o II Prize = Rs. 400/-
o III Prize = Rs. 300/-
 Total = Rs.1200/-

Competition – Marks to be awarded – 100 Marks

Initially, students should be provided time limit of 15 minutes to express their own ideas on usage and integration of technology in learning process and 10 marks should be awarded for it.

 After that, a model questionnaire to test the knowledge and practical ability of the students on Integration and Usage of Technology must be set up for competitions. 

 The competition must test both theoretical knowledge (20 marks) and practical application (70 marks) of the students where more weight age should be given for practical application.

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